Sunday, February 03, 2013

Introducing Chikashi Honda

Here is our new student, Chikashi (Chi-Kash) Honda! He arrived this morning and Don and Mark went to fetch him as the rest of us were at church and ice skating lessons. As you can see, Chikashi is a long and lanky fellow...I think he and Mark will be able to share clothes! It will definitely be difficult to tell whose clothes are whose when I'm doing laundry :)
Everyone is doing well. Nick is now in Ice Bunnies 2 and skating very well. The big kids start their 2nd semester tomorrow at school. Sean is trading Pre-Calc 12 for Geography...all his other classes stay the same.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Just like Dad...

I looked over at Nick yesterday while he was playing ipad and saw that he had Don's reading glasses on. :)

Sports Jersey Day at North Otter

I'm pretty sure the girls were the only ones at their schools with Sharks jerseys!

Nick wanted to wear his jersey, too. Unfortunately, he only has a Canucks one :(

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Murphy Family Christmas gathering

On Saturday the 22nd we had some of Don's family over for a visit. Unfortunately the weather kept the Merritt crowd from traveling, but we still had a great time with Dorothy, Darlene, Steve, and Sharla!

After visiting at the house we wandered over to Krause's to see their winter wonderland.


Christmas treats from Krause's

Grandma and Papa bought these festive candy apples for Dylan and Nathan.

On December 19 Sean and Nathan attended 169 Columbia's Christmas Mess Dinner. I went to help in the kitchen and watch some of the show. I'm pretty sure this was a historical dinner in that Sean, the Coxswain, was Mr. President, and his brother, Nathan, was the Guest of Honour. It was a hoot! They both had a great time and I'm so glad they were able to experience sitting at the head table together.
Mr. President, Lt. Juliusson, and the Guest of Honour, before the Mess dinner.

The Head Table processional.

The cadets all seated and ready.

The group picture after dinner.

Ice Skating Lessons

Nathan couldn't wait to get Nick out on the ice. After all, how can he possibly be in the NHL if he can't even skate? Our first stop was to Sports Replay where we scored these adorable little skates and skookum helmet for only $20 each. Then we headed out to a local rink for Parent/Tot drop-in skate. Nathan and Nick were the only ones on the ice!

Ice skating was much more difficult than either Nathan or Nick had imagined.

After a little while of trying to keep Nick upright Nathan caved and gave him one of those re-bar things that Nick was able to push around and skate behind. Even using that "crutch" we could see amazing progress.

Nathan picked up Nick from school on Thursday and took him ice skating again, so that by the time Christmas Eve on Ice came around Nick was literally tearing up the ice. He can skate FAST behind that little cage, and can turn on a dime. Nick loves ice skating, and will hopefully enjoy the lessons that we're going to begin on January 9.

Patience's Christmas Concert

On Saturday, December 15, these 5 brave youngsters came with me to watch Patience's choir sing in the Langley Family Christmas concert, which featured several choirs and ensembles. I think no one enjoyed the evening more than Dylan, who got his "musical lamp" rubbed in a huge way! If his school/work schedule allows, he's going to look into either singing with a choir or playing trumpet somewhere this spring. I hope he can do it : )
Here are the three songs that the Langley Children's Choir sang:
Patience is standing in the front row on the right-hand side. She's the one who sways as she sings : ).

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Family fun

Nathan trying to "work," but Nick is making it difficult. He'd rather Nathan was playing with him!

Don took pity on Harley and brought her a brand new bed so she can spend some time inside with her "pack."
Sean teaching Bailey how to play his video game.

Patience all ready for her concert!

Sean and Bailey, Christmas 2012

Yesterday when Bailey came over for Patience's concert I took the opportunity to take a few pics of Sean and Bailey since they both looked so nice!

And here's a picture of them from LAST Christmas so you can see how they've (especially Sean!) changed.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pioneer Girlz Christmas party 2012

Here are the kids all ready for the Pioneer Girlz Christmas party last night! It was a lot of fun but we didn't get home until 9:30 so I had some very groggy girls this morning!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 more "last" load of trees!

Here is Don with his cousin, Steve, loading the truck and trailer for one more trip into Vancouver. Thankfully Steve was able to help Don because Sean is still sick and not feeling up to this kind of work!

A few family pics

Self portrait!

Mark, Me, and Dylan

Don and Me with our son from China!