Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Putting away Halloween

This Halloween was actually the most enjoyable one I can remember for a very long time. I stayed and watched the parade at the girls' school with Nick, and it was great. Lead by their principal, all the kids through every grade paraded through the school hallways, with parents and siblings enjoying from the sidelines. They played music over the PA system like Monster Mash and other appropriate songs, and the kids all had a very good time. I realize that I'll be watching those for another 10 years : )

Then Bailey and Sean took the Littles trick-or-treating! So instead of freezing and chasing children, Don and I stayed inside enjoying a glass of wine and an opportunity to Skype with my parents who are visiting Nathan. Yessiree, I could get used to that type of Halloween!

But in the middle of the night, Nick woke up with a croupy cough and a fever : (  We gave him some motrin and some water and brought him back to bed with us to keep a sleepy eye on him. That worked fine until 2:45 when Jordyn decided that she couldn't possibly sleep alone and managed to wake up me, Don, and Patience in her quest to find a sleeping buddy. Keep in mind that Don has been waking up at 4:00 for work and this is his first opportunity to "sleep in." Grrrr.

After taking the Bigs and the girls to school, I came home and commenced cleaning up Halloween. Costumes (mangled as they are) are now hanging in the closet, trick or treat bags stored for next year, candy sorted and all Reece's peanut butter cups removed for me safety's sake, and the jack o'lanterns are now happily cooking down on the stovetop waiting to become pies and breads.

Tony's and Patience's jack-o-lanterns. Jordyn chose to just draw on hers : )

Sick baby sleeping the day away.
Happy November!