Thursday, December 20, 2007

December Update

Hi All! Thanks for your patience as I'm so slow at updating. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment. The first two are a couple of big trees that we sold out of the yard this year. I'm glad I'm not involved with setting them up and decorating them!

And here's a shot of Patience taking a nap. Everyday I make her a nice "flat" bed on our couch with her fleece blanket, her bear comforter, her pillow, her night-night, and her babies. She usually sleeps flat. Today I came into the living room to find this:

I hope she doesn't wake up with a crook in her neck!

We've been busy getting Christmas shopping done. I've been out late shopping with Dylan one evening and Nathan last night. Some stores are open 24 hours which is crazy, but I have to admit, helpful too. Last night I officially finished my shopping. I know I'm done because I spent almost every cent that was in my wallet. Yep, right down to the dimes. I'm sure the cashier was not impressed, but at least my wallet was much lighter.

Now I'm wrapping things and putting them under our undecorated tree. For the past several years, I haven't decorated a tree with our own ornaments. I've always patiently waited for the farm to close and then I'd (meaning Don) bring in a tree that Waneta had already decorated for the yard. I just had to plug it in and we'd have instant Christmas. This year we wanted to use a tree that Don had grown himself down at Radnai's (our lease property). It's a beautiful, tall Noble fir. And it's a good thing it's beautiful, because we can't find our Christmas tree ornaments or lights! I'm sure they're around here somewhere, but until we find them, our tree is naked. With the exception of the snowman ornaments that the girls made last week.

I'm thinking of making it an activity for the kids to make up some sort of decorations, like stringing popcorn or cutting out snowflakes, or something!

Patience had her Christmas party at preschool today. It was cute and fun and there were lots of sibling babies there. Two sets of twins, including my friend's twin of which I got to hold : ). Now she's on Christmas break. The boys have to go to school tomorrow and then they're on Christmas break for two weeks.

Saturday my mom will be flying up to the PNW, but is staying with my sister until Christmas day. We're hoping my dad will be able to spend Christmas with us this year as well. It's been ages since we've been together at Christmas time...probably around 10!

More later!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You know you've waited too long to post when... almost forgot your password!

Okay, I'm short on time (as usual) so I'm just going to post a month's worth of pictures instead of writing a big newsy post, k?

Don and Nathan with matching (kind-of) beards...

Patience and Jordyn warning you that Christmas is coming right up!

The magnificent 5, a la Christmas card....

Patience and Madilyn, the cutest baby ever (since Jordyn)

Jordyn and Madilyn, with my dad, at Thanksgiving...

Tomorrow evening I'm co-hosting a bridal shower for my friend's daughter. Then on Friday Lee comes (thank the Lord) right in time for our all-hands-on-deck weekend. I'll try to post more next week when Lee's he tends to free up some time for me : )