Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Let there be colour!

Yesterday Don primed and then painted the ceilings in the hallway and Nick's room, and then this morning (after his 10-hour shift) he put the first coat of paint on Nick's walls. The colour is called "Champignon," which is French for mushroom, just to give you an idea of the actual colour : ). We contemplated doing a fun colour scheme in here but decided that since it'll actually be considered a "home office" we should keep the colour neutral.

There is definitely a light at the end of this tunnel! In fact, I wrote "Buy CARS bedding" on my to-do list for this week. It's that close!

Vegetable chow mein in the larval stage...

"Curly" cabbage, red bell peppers, ginger, jalapenos, red onion, wax beans (from the garden!), carrots, and celery...all prepped for their journey to deliciousness!

Krause's with Dylan and Haley

Yesterday afternoon Don and Waneta came by about 2:00 and picked up (a very excited!) Jordyn and Patience for their first-ever week-long visit! I'm hoping and praying that the girls can be on their very best behaviour etc. so they get invited back next year : ). The house is VERY quiet. 

Dylan and Haley stopped by yesterday afternoon as well, so after the girls left we took Nick to Krause's so he could play and we could all eat/drink their delicious fare. We were not disappointed!

Nick, hitching a ride on the long walk home...

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Nick's room progress

Houston: we have a(n even longer) hallway!

And through the pocket door is a wee room:

It'll be the perfect-sized room for Nick for the time being and then it will be an even more perfect home office! Left to do: sanding, priming, painting, flooring, trim, fixtures, furniture!

Beating the heat

We're having super hot temps for this 3-day weekend! After church this morning we grilled some hotdogs and smokies for lunch and then headed into Langley to cool off at this great water park: