Sunday, January 09, 2011

Woody's round-up

Last night, instead of cleaning up the Toy Story toys that she was playing with, Patience set them all up in this little display by the fireplace. She wanted to make sure that everyone saw them before cleaning them up. I assured her that everyone had. She reminded me that Nathan hadn't see her display. I assured her I would put this picture on my blog so that Nathan could see it, too. So, Nathan, here you go.

Katana with the Furses

We've been so furtunate this year to have Russ Furse, Justin's dad and a teacher at D.W. Poppy, drive Sean to and from school everyday there is an early morning music class or an afterschool music class. We told Russ and Kari that we were taking the money we'd saved by not buying a bus pass for Sean this year and taking them out to our favorite restaurant in Canada. We took them to Katana and they loved it. They'd never been to this type of restaurant before and they enjoyed the food, the show...everything!  After dinner we stopped at Dairy Queen and bought an ice cream cake and brought it home to share with the kids. Sean, bless his heart, babysat the Littles for us. Dylan and Haley were working, but came home before we did so they got some, too. Even the girls, who were in bed but not asleep, got up to have a piece. After dessert Russ and Kari stayed into the wee hours of Saturday playing cards and just having a heck of a great time. We are super fortunate.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Nathan's orders

Nathan just got his orders for his next duty station: He got choice #3 on his list (but #1 on mine!):

Los Angeles/Long Beach!

He wants lots of visitors, so please try to work Disneyland into your schedule sometime in the next 4 years, and visit Nathan while you're there : )

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Is my new buzz word.

In 2011 I need to be more intentional in many areas, specifically homeschooling and scheduling my day. With very few time commitments it's easy to rush through my chores and then peter away the rest of the day. But I know that Patience will be returning to school in the fall, and if she can't read, write, and add at least as good at the kids who stayed in school, then what was the point in homeschooling her? Other than, of course, to enjoy her very sweet and helpful company for one year longer : )

So, here is my goal for the rest of the school year. Please hold me accountable.
Bible reading (I gave Jordyn Sean's old bible and I gave Patience Dylan's old bible) I read aloud. We started in Matthew.
Reading (Starfall on the computer)
Physical Activity (Wii Fit Nickelodian version, ice skating on Mondays)
Reading (weekly library trip, check out and read 7 books)

Monday, January 03, 2011

A cold, cold night

Snow predicted tonight...blanket sleepers all around!