Monday, February 26, 2007

Way too cute...

Here they are, in all their glory!
Mom, did you notice Jordyn's outfit? It's so nice to be able to use all those adorable clothes again!

February 26 Update

Hello everyone! Last week was a busy one...hence no blog post, so I'll try to give you a recap here.

We started the week with a few of the big kids sick, which resulted in days home from school.

Jordyn had her 1 year immunizations, which Don took her to. It was very sad for both of them, but they did survive. Don says he'll never do that again.

Patience continues with her swim lessons. She got a bonus lesson again last week because Marianne lets her come whenever someone is not going to be at their lesson. She had a minor setback on Tuesday, resulting in a "time-out" on the side of the pool, and eventually being expelled from the pool because, where Patience is stubborn, Marianne is stubborn AND in charge. She returned the next day and did exactly what Marianne was asking her to do on Tuesday. Go figure...

Danica was with us three days this week (well, 2 1/2 really...more on that later).

My mom was supposed to fly in Friday evening for Jordyn's birthday and Dylan's jazz concert, but the flight loads looked heavy so she was going to try to come in at 2:30 instead. So, we made hurculean efforts to rearrange our day, including Danica's grandma picking her up at noon so I could fetch mom from the airport. I'm watching the Alaska Airlines website so I could track her flight, and it shows late. Well, shoot. We have club speeches Friday night and the schedule is getting tight. The next update on the website shows the flight is CANCELLED! I call her cell phone only to get a very depressed grandma...yes, the flight is cancelled (due to mechanical problems) so of course all of the paying passengers are getting routed on later flights, making stand-by travel impossible. Since she was going to have to fly out 5:00 a.m. Sunday, we decided it wouldn't be worth her trying to fly in on Saturday. That was a big disappointment to everyone involved : (

On Friday night, we had our 4-H club speeches. There were two heroes that night, and they both happened to be my sons : ) In 4-H, public speaking is a competitive event. You start at the club level, and the top speakers there go on to the district level; the top district speakers go onto regionals. For seniors, the top regional speakers go on to the provincial competition. For every 4 speakers, or portion thereof, a club can send 1 speaker to districts. So, if a club has 4 junior members competing, they send one on. If they have 5, they can send 2. Our club, which has EXCELLENT public speakers, had only 4 juniors competing. I needed one more junior to speak at the club level so we could send 2 speakers on to districts. But where would I find a junior who was willing to write and deliver a speech in 24 hours? Sean! That's right...I explained my dilemma and asked him to basically deliver an impromptu speech, understanding that my expectations were not that his speech would be perfect...he just needed to do his best. He did, and his speech was actually quite good! And, we did send on two wonderful speakers to disctricts. Our second-place speaker owes Sean a HUGE favor : )

The second hero of Friday night was Nathan. Nathan wrote and delivered an excellent speech on Friendship, complete with his signature examples from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. But the other senior speakers were pretty darn good, too. It was going to be a tight race. Seniors, after delivering their prepared speeches, have to deliver an impromptu speech. They all leave the room, the judges decide on a topic, and they come back in, one at a time, get the topic, have 1 minute to prepare, and then deliver a 1 to 2 minute speech. This year's topic was "The person who inspires me the most and why." Again, the other senior speakers were good. Really good. It wasn't looking good for Nathan. But HE NAILED HIS IMPROMPTU. It was the best unprepared speech I've ever heard, with the perfect combination of sincerity and humor, he had the audience laughing and crying. It was amazing, and I'm not just saying that because HIS SPEECH WAS ABOUT really was a fantastic impromptu...textbook perfect. I was so proud of him. He did place first, and will go on to the district competition this Friday night.

Saturday was another good day for our household. Dylan had his jazz concert on Saturday night, and we had planned for some time for Kelsey to babysit for us...but with Mom's plans falling through, everything kind of changed around, and instead of Kelsey watching the girls, Valarie came! It was great (mostly) except for she is clearly out of the "mom" stage and into the "grandma" stage, because both girls were still awake at 9:30 when I got home, both having a great time with Auntil Babadee, as she was letting them do anything they wanted... But it was great having her (thanks, Val!). And the concert was great! Mom would have loved it, especially "Georgia On My Mind." Dylan was in two jazz bands and one vocal ensemble, in which he had a solo. Unfortunately the acoustics weren't too good and it was difficult to hear him. But I'm sure it was amazing : )

Is that enough information? I could say that Val and I took Nathan, Sean, and Hailey shopping Saturday to get Nathan some clothes for his Ottawa trip...he needs "conference wear," which is inbetween casual and dressy. We got some incredible deals at Wal-Mart, and Val was able to lend her fashion expertise.

Yesterday a.m. Sean and Dylan had swimming, then onto church. I did some housework that I had been too busy for previously, in addition to 5 loads of laundry. Last night the kids (all but Jordyn) had movie night with a rented movie and popcorn. It's nice that Patience is getting old enough to do that. After the movie, we all participated in a "5-minute Room Rescue" (living room and girls' play area) and then it was off to bed for the girlies. The boys and I watched the amazing "Senators vs. Sabres brawl" on youtube.

It was a busy, but productive week. This week has the same potential...check back for updates!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Knock, knock!

Nathan taught Patience a "Knock, knock" joke this weekend when they were taking a walk out back together. It goes:
"Knock, knock."
"Who's there?"
"Boo who?"
"You don't have to cry, it's only a joke!"
Then Patience laughs hysterically (every time).
And she tells the joke over and over to anyone who will listen.
Our Knock-Knock Joke era has begun...not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our California Trip

Nathan and I had a lovely, uneventful trip to California this past weekend. We left Thursday night after dinner and baths for the girlies, and headed south to Val and Dave's. There, Nathan went to a Baker basketball game with Kelsey and one of her friends, and Val, Hailey, and I got some visiting in. I also got to see some of Val's artwork that she's doing for her graphic design course. Apparently, Val is one of those people who is good at anything she puts her mind to!

We left bright and early Friday a.m. Four o'clock to be precise. Val and Dave didn't hear us leave, but their puppies did! I drove the first bit while Nathan got a bit more sleep. I got us south of Seattle and then we switched. I drove through Portland, which really wasn't too bad during the time of day we were there, and then Nathan pretty much drove through the rest of Oregon. It rained on and off pretty much through the day. We got into the Bay Area around 7:30, which is how I planned it...I figured if we got there late enough, surely we wouldn't run into the famous bumper-to-bumper traffic. But I was wrong. Everyone and their cousin was driving from the East Bay into the SF area! So it took almost an hour to go 15 or so frustrating to be "so close and yet so far." We finally made it to mom's and had a lovely lasagne dinner. Nathan showered, I jammied, and then we settled down in front of the t.v. That's when I realized how tired I was, so I excused myself to bed and Nathan played Grandma's game cube (yes, she is the coolest grandma in the world).

Saturday a.m. I had Nathan do some homework before we headed over the hill to the home of the Sharks, HP Pavillion. We left around 10, and stopped at this wonderful little warehouse in Moss Beach, of all places. We did some shopping, much to Nathan's horror. He was very motivated to get out of there and head to San Jose.

Finally, we left, and Nathan drove over the hill and into San Jose. We got to the Shark Tank, and Nathan found out how quickly $60 goes there. Lucky for him, his grandmother was willing to buy him some Shark souvenirs, as was his mother. All in all, he left there one happy Shark fan!

After that, we did some more shopping and then headed to Cold Stone Creamery, a wonderful ice cream store that we liked so well that we even returned the next day for round two. Saturday night we watched The Guardian. Great movie! We stayed up late (for me) and headed to bed around 11:30.

Sunday morning mom and I headed into Half Moon Bay, purchased two lattes, and then window shopped our way up and down Main Street. While we were doing that, Nathan was doing more homework and watching two NBA games. We got home, thought about packing, and then sat out in the backyard where it was warm and sunny. That was really nice! Around 4, we headed back to Pacifica for a little more shopping and ice cream.

Sunday evening we watched Extreme Home Makeover, and then went promptly to bed. I set my alarm for 3:00, but actually woke up by myself at 2:40. I got Nathan up, we got in the car, and repeated Friday's drive except in reverse. I was in Richmond by 4:00 a.m., and there was actually commute traffic at that hour coming from the East. We were well onto I-5 by 5:00 a.m. And when Nathan woke up around 6, we were in Red Bluff. We gassed up, switched drivers, and then we were off. We got into Bellingham around 5 p.m., hitting hardly any traffic in Seattle. We picked up pizzas at Papa Murphy's, and dairy at Edaleen's, and then made it home by a little past 6. The girls were happy to see us, but not incredibly so. Jordyn was quite happy to stay in her daddy's arms, as that is where she had spent the past 4 days, apparently.

We had dinner, did some unpacking and cleaning up, and went to bed! This morning I forgot it was already Tuesday. Luckily Don remembered about the trash and recycling! Patience had her swim lesson where she once again did not cry at all.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Look Who's 1!

I can't decide if this year went by quickly or slowly! I think the days were long but the weeks were short...

At any rate, Jordyn is clearly out of the baby stage, and is now 100% toddler. She's happy to play with Patience for longer periods, and, thankfully sleeps through the night regularly.

She still says no words...sometimes mamamama or dadadada, but that's about it.

She hones her climbing skills daily. Now the couches are no problem, neither is one of our chairs...I imagine in a few days nothing will be safe and we'll have to store our chairs ON TOP of our kitchen table to keep her from climbing up there.

She loves to be carried, but not sat and cuddled with, unless there's a bottle involved and she's hungry. She won't cuddle and take a bottle just for the fun of it. She's shy with strangers, especially if they talk directly to her.

She's sedate and serious where her sister is energetically hilarious and engaging. They are different in so many ways, not the least of which is their looks.

Happy birthday, darling Jordyn.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Here are Miss Kelsey and Mr. Dylan... taken in December, I think, when the girls stayed with me for a weekend and helped on the farm.

We've been fortunate to have cousins (and LOTS of them) in a variety of ages. They've had the pleasure of traveling together to Disneyland, Hawaii, the best vacation ever (houseboating on Lake Shasta), not to mention the summer Kelsey stayed with us and swam on the Langley summer swim team.

Of course, Val and Dave have kinda dropped the ball and haven't produced little cousins for Patience and Jordyn. But they do have a plethora of four-legged friends that Patience is excited about, namely horses and short dogs.

This week I'm getting ready to take a whirlwind trip to California with Nathan. I need a short break and he needs 30 hours of driving practice before he takes his driver's test.

More later...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday Morning Relaxation

This morning Jordyn single-handedly removed some couch cushions... just enough to make a nice place to kick back. Then Patience, not wanting to miss a modeling opportunity, jumped up beside her. I have several shots where one is smiling while the other is looking away, but I think this one is the cutest of the two of them.

Busy day today...I'm running a 2-hour dog training session that Nathan was supposed to do until something better came along, namely a weekend tournament in Kamloops for basketball. Then we're going to try to get the agility equipment moved so our 4-H dogs can start using it on a regular basis.

I'll post more later!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Girls Play

  1. It's a wonder Pam and Adrian even let Danica stay here, with the terrible habits my lovely daughters teach her.

So, Pam, if Danica tears your couch cushions off and uses them as an indoor play place, don't blame her.

The order of the day here is apparently lavendar t-shirts and jeans.

It's a beautiful sunny day, but cold. If it were next winter, and everyone were a year older, I'd bundle them up to play outside. But with Jordyn, that just doesn't sound very fun. We'll just have to stick with the indoor play place for a while longer.