Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More photos...

Watching Kung Fu Panda (or Bamboo Bear) for the umpteenth time.

What big eyes you have!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday morning photos

Nathan drove back to Seattle on Sunday evening so he could work on Monday...something about the military's rule that you can't have too many days off in a row without using leave. He worked until 1:00 and then drove home, stopping along the way to pick up cousin Hailey who was visiting her dad in the Seattle area, and then dropping her off in Bellingham. He got home last night just in time for crepes for dinner and then to watch the Sharks beat the Stars 3-1. So yeah, his life is pretty good right about now!
Dylan is working Monday through Wednesday this week for his chicken farming boss. I'm very happy about that especially sinced he asked for last weekend off (grrrrr...). I imagine that when Dylan gets home the boys and Lucille will do something fun.
Here is Nick napping in his favorite spot. You can see he has a firm grip on me lest I might try to put him down while he's sleeping.
Here is Patience and Alice, who has gotten a new life ever since Patience got a stroller, crib, and new clothes for her for Christmas. Baby Cootchie has been relegated to bed. When Patience saw this picture she said, "Alice wasn't looking at the camera!"
Portraiture by Patience.
Nathan and Lucille.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Christmas Morning...

Cribs and doll strollers from Grandma and Grandpa Steitz.

Jolly jumperoo from Santa.

Sand Table from Grandma and Grandpa Murphy.

The boys read their certificate for the Sharks vs. Ducks game/Disneyland trip.

Jordyn gets an American Girl Bitty Baby from Santa.

Patience gets a pink guitar from Santa.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sibling bonds are forging...

'nuff said.

Meet Lucille!

Don and I have a new hobby of taking in the boys' friends whenever they need a temporary home. This summer we had the pleasure of Tiffany's company, and this Christmas we are hosting Lucille.

Lucille is a foreign exchange student from France who is staying with our friends in Bellingham. The Cutlers had a Christmas trip to Spain planned before they decided to host an exchange student, so Lucille came to them knowing she would be staying somewhere else during the Christmas break. Nathan and Dylan have gotten to know her through Alex Cutler, and they asked if she could stay here during part of the break. We thought it would be a great way to have the experience of hosting a foreign exchange student without making a long commitment.

Lucille is a lovely 18-year-old who speaks English and Spanish! Tonight at dinner we played "telephone" with a twist: I told Lucille something in Spanish and then she translated it to French and then Dylan translated it into English! It was a hoot and we were all able to practice our second languages.

Lucille will be with us for a week or so.

Christmas Morning

Lee took most of the pictures of Christmas morning, but I took a few cute ones:

Mom and Lee got the girls strollers and cribs for their dolls Alice and Alicia.
Don and Waneta sent this cute little "My 1st Christmas" hat for Nicholas.
Mom and Lee got Nick this cute little mobile for his crib. We're hoping this will ease his transition from sleeping with his parents to sleeping by himself.

Christmas Eve

Our church hosts a Christmas Eve service at the local ice skating rink every year. There are Chrstimas carols, a seeker-friendly message, and then free skating and hot chocolate. Lots of people from the community come out. This year the attendance was very low due to this weather, but Don took Nathan and Patience and they all had a great time. Patience has no fear according to Nathan, and by the end of the evening was skating very fast (still with the training aid).

When they got home the girls had baths, put out cookies for Santa and treats for the reindeer, and then went to bed where visions of sugar plums danced in their heads...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pork Loin Crown Roast

Last night we cooked and ate this lovely roast. I've always wanted to do a crown roast. It was delicious...the stuffing was incredible.

Visit with Santa

Krause Berry Farm hosted a pancake breakfast with Santa this morning, so of course we went even though there was fresh snow from last night. We got the girls all dressed up and they were so excited they could hardly stand themselves! Neither of them have met Santa yet. Of course Patience was eager to hop onto his lap and give him her request. And of course Jordyn was reticent and had to be coaxed with a candy cane! Nick couldn't care one way or another!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Nick's Stocking

Don's great grandmother knitted the boys their Christmas stockings when they were little. Since she passed away before the Littles were born, my dear parents have been getting knitted stockings for them as they came along. Here is Nick in his stocking:

Christmas Tree 2008

Yesterday Lee and I left at around 11 to drive down to Seattle to pick up Nathan. The PNW had just gotten a dump of snow the day before so we were a little concerned about the driving conditions, but for the most part I-5 was clear and we made it down without incident. We picked him up at 3 and were home by 6, just in time to eat the pizza that Don had brought home and decorated the Christmas tree. We had a great evening...the girls loved decorating and singing Christmas carols. Here are some pics!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Me and my tiny shadow...

I can't remember ever being tethered to a baby like seems like I'm always with Nick and usually holding him. Even when we're sleeping! I guess it's safe to say that "bonding" has occurred!

Snow Day!

We woke up to a light dusting of snow this morning, and it continued to snow all day long. I'm hoping my parents aren't watching any weather forecasts for the PNW or they might postpone their trip. My mom is not a fan of snow. I let the girls go out and play in their pajamas, knowing that whatever they wore out there would be wet and would need to be changed anyway. They made snow angels and did lots of snow tasting.

Sean and Sam

Last night the Sea Cadet corps had their annual Christmas mess dinner, and the photographer snapped this very cute picture of Sean and his "special friend," Sam. They've been special friends for a l-o-n-g time now, so I've decided to get my head out of the sand and embrace the situation. First step: invite Sam to help us decorate our tree on Friday night. If our family doesn't scare her away, maybe Sean should try to hang onto her : ) Besides, you gotta love a girl who dresses like this!

Monday, December 15, 2008

More Stinkin' Cute Baby!

Is it just me, or is he getting cuter every day?