Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fraser Valley Regional Championships 2007

Here are Dylan's first two gold medals. One for 200 IM (2:38) and the other is for his medly relay. Yesterday he also swam 50 free and did get best times in both prelims and finals but got 4th, so he didn't qualify for Provincials with that event. Oh well.
Today he swam 100 back (1:12) and got another gold. His freestyle relay came in second.
Sean swam 50 fly yesterday and came in 5th (:35.xx). His medly relay came in third.
Today, Sean swam 100 back (1:22) and came in 2nd! He qualified for Provincials in an individual event, which we were not sure would happen for him this year. Then, to make things even better, his freestyle relay also came in second, so his entire team qualified. Sean was the anchor man, and left the blocks several seconds after the team next to him. By the end of the 50 meters, Sean had passed him. It was a close race (too close for comfort) but those are so exciting to watch. Especially if your team wins in the end.
Tomorrow Sean will get the medals he earned today, as well as his Provincial Qualifier t-shirt, which you can see on Dylan in this picture. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.
I'm getting pretty tired. I'm very glad that Lee is here; he's such a great help and good company.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Jordyn's new favortie place... wherever Papa is!
Jordyn had about two minutes of "shy" yesterday when she woke up from her nap and Papa was here. But ever since then, she's been his shadow.
He played with her extensively at the play ground last night, helping her up to the "big slide." Last night after her bath, she sat with him for a long time, drinking her bottle.
This morning when Papa was putting in his contact lenses, little Jordyn stood outside the bathroom door like a puppy dog, waiting for his return. Don even tried to coax her away by offering hugs, playtime, anything, but she wouldn't leave her post. She is smitten...