Friday, June 29, 2012

Feeding the dog

Today I made 3 week's worth of dog food for Harley. I combine beef, chicken, organ meats, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, garlic, eggs, pears, oats, barley, buckwheat, and rice; as you can imagine she loves her food! I'm thankful for the butcher down the road who sells dog food meat for .99/lb and for my VitaMixer which blends everything under the sun!

First berries of the season

Don took the Littles over to Krause's this morning and they picked these delicious strawberries. We gave them a quick rinse and now they're getting gobbled up at this very table. Easy come, easy go.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fun with Nick!

A couple of days ago Don held Nick's head in his hands in an effort to get to Nick to look in his face, and Nick surprised him by climbing him!

Last day of school!

Here they are, off to their last days as Grade 2 and Kindergarten students! Today they're in school only until 12:00, and then summer will officially begin!

Sean's mailing address this summer

If you want to write to Sean while he's away at Quadra this summer, here is his address:

PO Murphy, S
Comox, BC V9M8A1

I'm sure he'd appreciate all of the encouraging, newsy mail he can get. Oh, and cookies!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random awsome photos

Look what I found when I was looking at pics on Don's phone!

Happy birthday, Bailey!

Bailey looking a little suspiciously at her birthday crepes : )

This year Bailey opted out of going out to dinner for her birthday and chose instead to have a big family party here at home. Don made crepes, much to everyone's delight, and then Sean, Bailey, Dylan, and Haley had a rousing game of Battle of the Sexes.

RCSCC 169 Columbia ACR

Sean and Bailey at the end of the Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR).

Us with Sean.

Sean speaking with the Reviewing Officer.

Sean speaking with CO Lt. Juliusson.

Jordyn's Kindergarten graduation

Jordyn and Ms. Chang

This morning Nick and I attended Jordyn's kindergarten graduation. It was very cute with each child receiving a certificate and then singing us a song. There were goodies after the ceremony! 1.5 days of school and then it's summer! Woo hoo!

Fun at Strong Start

This morning there were only 2 kids at Strong Start for about the first 90 minutes. Nick loves to play with Gregory, who also enjoys Lego and cars! Tomorrow is the last day of Strong Start : (

Monday, June 25, 2012

Water slides and Teddy Bear Picnic

Today starts the last week of school for the girls. They are super excited because they both have something special...Patience is going with the whole school (grades 2 and up) to Cultus Lake Waterslides, and Jordyn's class is having pajama day along with a Teddy Bear Picnic. Jordyn was so excited because she and her bear both have Hello Kitty pajamas.

Patience should have lovely weather today (unlike everyday last week) and yes, I slathered her all up with waterproof sunscreen this morning! : )

Playing Super Mario with an audience

I know these pictures are going to make Nathan super jealous, but I'm going to post them anyway:

Dylan downloaded a Super Mario game that runs on his computer; it provided both Dylan and the Littles with hours of entertainment.

Nick the builder

The other day Nick called me into the playroom to see his latest accomplishment:

Fun with Potato Head

Patience saw pictures of my adorable grand-nieces and just had to take some of her own:

Dylan's birthday

Last night we celebrated Dylan's "Golden" birthday with our signature Dairy Queen ice cream cake! Dylan turned 20 on the 20th, making this his
"golden" birthday. Next year, Jordyn and Patience both celebrate their "goldens," so we teased the boys that we were going to do something special and take them on a cruise.

Happy birthday, Dylan! We love you and we're so proud of you!