Sunday, April 17, 2011

Catching up at the Farm

Here's a little post to bring you all up-to-date on the events that I apparently don't have time to blog about on a daily weekly regular basis:

Don submitted his resume for two jobs: one with University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, and another with the Township of Langley. Both would come with a nice benefits package and we're hopeful that one will come through.

Nathan found out on Friday that he will NOT be going to the Coast Guard Academy this summer. He is mildly disappointed but now he's looking 100% forward to his next 4 or 5 years in LA/Long Beach. He leaves Cordova early Tuesday morning on the Alaksa Marine Highway ferry and will arrive in Bellingham on April 29. He has a 4-day layover in Juneau.

Dylan submitted his resume for an incredible summer internship position with a museum in Fort Langley. We're hopeful that he gets hired here, as his last day at Panago is a week from today. The pay is really good at this summer job...good enough to carry Dylan through an entire school year easily.

Sean brought home an excellent report card on Friday. Lots of A's to be happy about, one little "I" to work through : )

Dylan has moved rooms yet again! We have a leak in the pipes in Dylan's small dorm room, so we moved him into the larger gray bedroom in the basement so we can do whatever repairs we need to without worrying about Dylan's stuff.

Our entire front yard is a mud pit. We had a friend with an excavator company come in and dig a huge drainage pit in our front yard to help with some leaking that happens during heavy rainfall. We found the hole during the dig and Don patched it up. And now we need to do something about making the front yard green again.

Don and I are both on a low-carb diet. It's going really well as far as not being hungry much. We've both lost some weight so we feel really good : )

Jordyn has learned how to read thanks to Pokemon on Wii. She has inherited the video game gene from her older brothers and loves to play Pokemon Park. For a long time she would ask people around her to read the words on the screen, but that gets tiring after awhile so we stopped doing it. So, she had to start reading them for herself. The same thing happened with Sean when he was about her age. Just to make sure she was really reading, and not just memorizing each dialog box, I had her read to me out of a magazine at the dentist office on Thursday. Yep, she's reading. It's hilarious.

Patience and Jordyn have 0 cavities! Nick did not think that letting the dentist see his teeth was a good idea. At all.

Speaking of the girls, they are having a combined birthday party on Friday, May 6, which is a Pro-D day. They're having a "garden party" theme, so I hope the weather cooperates and we can do at least some things outside. Like painting the birdhouses. I really don't want do to that inside. I've really got to get on the invitations.

Dylan is in the middle of his finals for the sememster.

We are scheduled to take family portraits on Saturday, May 7. Outside. We are praying that the weather cooperates.

I think that's about all the newsiness from our neck of the woods. I'll post more later!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Want to be part of a miracle?

Help Vanya, an eight-year-old Eastern European orphan, find a home while he's still able to be adopted. Here's how.