Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 winds down...

Two days left, and then we're officially in 2010. Wow. It used to seem so far away when Vancouver was bidding for the olympics...I think it was 4 or 5 years ago. And now it is here! Don and I are surprised that none of our US friends/family have called us about visiting during the olympics : ) We were pretty sure we'd be a hot commodity...

This morning Jordyn and I took Mom and Lee down to the Bellingham airport, via the Barnes & Noble/Starbucks to have one last quick visit with Valarie and Hailey before they left. Sean stayed here and took care of Patience and Nicholas.

We have had a week of beautiful weather...sunny and cold! But today we woke up to rain : (

Don is working hard again after a brief break for Christmas and Boxing Day. But tonight we're going for dinner and games at Steve and Lois' so we're really looking forward to it. They wanted to get together in the middle of December, but that was obviously not possible given everything that was happening them.

After having my parents here for 5 days I feel like I'm all caught up, organized, and ready for the new year. It's so nice having Mom here...she cooks, cleans, and minds children, freeing me up to do things like organize my office area : ). And Lee helps Don with his computer work so it's an extra blessing having them here.

Looking back, I think that 2009 was a really good year for us. And I'm hopeful that 2010 will be full of good times and blessings as well.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Puppet show

For Christmas Don and Waneta gave the girls their very own puppet theatre and puppets because they know how much Patience and Jordyn love to put on puppet shows! Tonight the girls entertained us with their doggy and kitty puppet that Waneta hand made for them.

Car decals

My sister-in-law, Colleen, gave some of those great "family" vehichle decals for Christmas. She had to get two packages for everyone to be included on my rear window : )

With the extra decals I started Dylan and Haley on their way...Maybe in 20 years their window will look like mine! Bwahahaha...

Haley & Dylan...the outdoor photo shoot

I wanted to try my new camera for some outside shots. Haley was a very willing participant, and Dylan just tagged along to be with Haley. Because, you know, they are almost joined at the hip : )

Nick meets M&M's...

While Mom and I went shopping, Don gave Nick a package of M&M's! Nick liked them, and ended up very colorful! The first few pics are of Lee trying to clean up Nick's hands and face...the rest are just some really cute expressions on Nick's face...

Christmas morning 2009

Christmas morning 2009 began late! Don was up by 7:00, made the coffee, and then waited for the rest of us to wake up. At 7:45, he went in and tried to wake up the girls. They were both snoring and would not wake up : ) Nick finally woke up around 8:00 and he and I meandered out to the living room right about the time the girls were making their way upstairs.

The kids were thrilled with what Santa left them! And the adults were pretty happy, too. What you can't see from these pictures is what I got from Don: a Canon Rebel XSi camera, and a vacuum cleaner! Oh, and a Slap Chop! : )

Haley came over about noon and opened her presents. Then she, Dylan, and I drove to the border to pick up Grandma and Grandpa! : )

We had a wonderful day. Hope you all did, too!

Patience and her Baby Ariel doll from Santa.

And Santa brought Jordyn the Baby Cinderella doll!

Nick and his firetruck from Santa.


Don on Christmas morning, happy that everyone is finally awake!

Don opening his gift from me...a cruise!

Sean and Patience trying out her new Tinkerbell slumber bag.

Nick and Jordyn seeing if the fire truck fits two!

Dylan obviously enjoying his presents!

Haley joins us around noon.

And opens her present from Dylan.

Haley and Dylan open their gift from us.

Dylan, Grandpa, and Don.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dylan and Haley on the ferry

I thought I was the one who took great photos of Dylan and Haley, since I have so much practice : ) but apparently Dylan puts me to shame! He took this get on the ferry today coming home from Vancouver Island.

I guess his long arms come in handy for these kind of "self portraits!"

Friday, December 18, 2009

New Murphy blogger!

Please note in my sidebar that Sean now has a blog!

Happy reading.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

D.W. Poppy Christmas concert 2009

For now, let me just say: WOW. And: Dylan is very talented. I'll add pictures and more detail later; Haley's dad was there with his very good camera and got pictures during and after the concert. He's going to get them to me and I'll post them here. But for now, just rest assured that the entire Poppy population now knows the highest note Dylan can a solo, I might add : )

The beautiful flutist Haley in action.

One of Dylan's solos. Mr. Ablitt is holding the microphone up to Dylan's trumpet.

Dylan and Haley after the concert.

Preschool Christmas party

The preschoolers were adorable as they sang some Christmas carols for us. Then they did crafts, including making Reindeer food for Santa's reindeer on Christmas eve (they get hungry, too, you know!), and making Christmas tree ornaments and other decorations. It was lots of fun. I can't believe Jordyn doesn't have school for almost 3 weeks!

As they were filing out, Jordyn stopped when she saw me and said, "Mom, do you see my hat?"
Owen's little sister wanted to join the big kids. Jordyn was not impressed.

Jingle bells!
Now Owen's little sister wants the bells!

Jordyn (finally) smiling nicely for the camera!

Kindergarten ice skating field trip

This morning Patience went to her ice skating party with her class. It was lots of fun with just a bit of pandemonium mixed in! Patience started out using the medal thing that helps you stay upright, but then got brave and went out on her own. My friend and I stayed just the first 20 minutes or so, then raced back to the school for the preschool Christmas party!
Patience just before getting on the ice; Mrs. Niddery keeping order : )
Patience with the "walker."
Patience returns to tell me she's having a great time!
Patience on her own. She fell shortly after, and couldn't get back up : ) It looked like break dancing on the ice. I should have videotaped it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

D.W. Poppy Homecoming 2009

Tonight is Poppy's Homecoming game and dance. Dylan and Haley skipped the basketball game but they got all decked out for the dance! I went with Dylan to Haley's house so that I could take pictures. Notice how well his tie goes with her dress?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

North Otter Christmas Concert 2009

Tonight Patience and the other kindergarteners sang two Christmas songs at the beginning of the concert. They did really well. After those songs, the kindergarteners went back to their classroom for a "party" while the rest of the concert happened. We snuck in and re-introduced Mrs. Niddery to Haley, who was her student 12 years ago! I took this picture of the three of them:

So, here is yet another reason to love Haley: she attends elementary school Christmas concerts and actually acts happy about going! Bless you, Haley. We are lucky to have you (especially Dylan).

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where you'll see Homecoming pics!

And our week in preview...

This is the last week before school lets out for Christmas (unbelievable) so our schedule is especially busy with school activities. Yesterday, Monday, when I dropped Avery off at the elementary school I drove by Sean's school to pick him up. Dylan had to stay after for Jazz Band. We ran some errands to the bank, the insurance place, and the Co-op, where I had to pick up "a few things" but somehow ended up spending $100. That's easy at Co-op : ).

We ran home just in time to meet Dylan and do the "hand off." He watched the Littles while I took Sean to his orthodontist appointment. Don called me at the orthodontist and asked us to meet him on our way home. He had to bring the baler home and since it had no lights and it was dark outside, he needed someone to follow him with flashers. By the time we met up with him it was snowing hard and we saw the results of a serious accident on Fraser Highway, closing the road to eastbound traffic. We crawled along, trying to avoid being the second accident that evening.

When we got home Don and Sean baled trees for an hour and a half. In the freezing snow. But the trees were getting picked up this a.m., so that was the only time to do it. Don didn't get in for the day until nearly 8 p.m., and he had been up since early. I'm not sure I know anyone who is willing to work harder than Don is...

Sean was supposed to have his annual Christmas cadet mess last night but opted out of it because the orthodontist appointment resulted in some very sore teeth : (

Nick had the worst night of his short life last night. He was up, crying, between 11 and 4. I'm pretty sure his second lower tooth is coming in. As a result, he was feverish, had several bouts of diarreah, and, of course, was in a lot of pain. I gave him tylenol, but it didn't really seem to give him much relief : ( He slept well from 4-7, and then was ready for a nap at 10. So were Don and I, but that obviously isn't going to happen.

Patience had her first field trip today: the kindergarten class went to the Langley Centennial Museum where they learned all about how pioneers lived without electric-city (Patience's pronunciation). Don took her and she was very excited to have Daddy along.

Tonight is Patience's Christmas concert at school. Thankfully, the kindergarteners perform first, and then they file out and go the kindergarten room for the rest of the concert. Dylan is babysitting Jordyn and Nick tonight.

Tomorrow Dylan and Haley will go to Poppy's homecoming dance. He will look stunning in his $12 tie and black tuxedo that is turning out to be the best investment we've ever made : ) I will get pictures, somehow, and post them on my blog so you can see how well Dylan and Haley clean up!

Thursday Patience has another field trip... to the ice skating rink! And during the same time Jordyn has her preschool Christmas party/concert. That will be interesting : )

Thursday evening Dylan has a band/choir concert. Sean will babysit that night. And Patience said she would like to go. Since this is really her last opportunity to see Dylan and Haley perform I think we're going to take her. She has agreed to sit and be still and quiet. I'm hoping I don't regret my decision. I'll take some coloring books and crayons just in case.

And Friday is Patience's Christmas party! I'm really hoping Mr. Nicholas sleeps better for the rest of the week...

I will post pictures as the events transpire (hopefully).


Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend in Review...

This weekend we were open for tree sales but the operation was definitely winding down. Don had stopped bringing trees in from Radnai's, so the stands were getting empty. He shut down Saturday night at 5:30, because he had been up since 5:30 that morning, and told Dylan and Haley that if they wanted to "man the booth" they could have 100% of the proceeds. Very smartly they took him up on that offer and waited in the living room for customers to come...then they'd run out and sell them a tree! They netted $55 in a little more than 2 hours so it was a win-win-win situation! Dylan worked 9 to 5 as well.

On Sunday Sean worked the tree lot and Don mostly worked on a huge, new wholesale order. Unfortunately he had to cut and bale trees in the freezing cold, and then deliver them to Vancouver. But, a sale is a sale! Sean ran out of steam around 4 p.m. and closed up shop. He came in and warmed up and then we came up with a plan of action: Sean would watch the Littles while Dylan, Haley, and I ran to the mall and buy winter coats for Dylan and Sean. The weather has been so cold and the boys have just been wearing 3 or 4 hoodies at a time to stay warm...but that's just silly. And it generates lots of laundry.

So, Dylan and I picked up Haley and drove to Willowbrook. Our first stop was Sears, where we found a lovely tie for Dylan to wear to their Homecoming dance on Wednesday. We matched it to Haley's new dress...well, actually the picture of her dress that she had on her phone : ). Let me just say that it pays to be the parents of boys...I spent $11.99 on the tie to match Haley's $100+ dress. And I'm pretty sure it'll be like this right up to wedding attire! Then we went to American Eagle and Dylan picked out a jacket for him and one for Sean.

Sean's coat.

Dylan's coat.

So now they can be warm!

After the mall, we ran home and picked up Sean and the Littles and we all went out to dinner at McDonalds! The place was completely empty except for my 6 kids and 2 other little boys so everyone had a great time at the play place. And I do mean everyone. Dylan. Haley. Sean. and the Littles. Only once did I have to retrieve Haley from the outside of the play structure. I didn't want her to fall, and I didn't want to get kicked out. But boy that girl knows how to play! And she fits in the McDonald's high chairs. The ones that have wheels. For pushing all over the restaurant like a go cart. I'm pretty sure they were happy to see us go : ). We all had a fun time playing and then the Littles all came home for baths and bed.